In Time for ‘Battlefield 1’, ‘Battlefield Companion’ Is Out Now

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If you’re one of the many getting ready – or already playing – Battlefield 1, then you should pick up the just-updated Battlefield Companion (Free) app to get a leg up on the competition. As we wrote about recently, EA decided to overhaul its Battlelog app and turn it into the Battlefield Companion in time for the release of its flagship game. The app now has numerous new features that should be great for those playing the console or PC game. You’re able to check all your stats and achievements and compare them with your friends’, you can get an overview of your career so far, and can also pick specific weapons or vehicles to see your performance with each one of them.


There’s a section where you can check your friends’ loadouts and see why they are doing so well – or so horribly. And if you want to join said friends, you can have the app notify you when they jump in-game so you can jump in, too. The Companion also allows you to edit your own loadouts, create and equip Emblems and, of course, keep track of the latest news and updates to the game. In other words, if you’re playing the game and you have a mobile device, you should pick Battlefield Companion up.

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