‘Battlefield 1’ Getting Updated ‘Battlefield Companion’ App This Fall

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If you are a veteran Battlefield player or one who’s waiting for the upcoming Battlefield 1 to jump on the bandwagon, you’ll have a new companion app to mess around with at some point this fall. Currently, you can get the Battlelog (Free) app to help you keep track of your Battlefield exploits. The upcoming update will change the name to Battlefield Companion and will be a complete overhaul of the app with many different features. For instance, there will be a better interface that will make navigating the app easier and will also fully support Battlefield 1, a Career section that will be your new profile and the place where you check all your achievements and amazing (or terrible stats) and also compare them to your friends’ and in-game frenemies’. And finally, you’ll be able to customize your Battlefield 1 soldier’s loadout on the go.


If you want to stick with the original Battlelog app, make sure you turn off automatic updates and don’t update it, although I’m guessing most of you will want to switch to the new one, especially with its focus on Battlefield 1. No info on when the app update will release, but it’s coming at some point “this fall."

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