‘Bitcoin Billionaire’ Dungeons & Bitcoins Update Introduces New Pets and New Time Travel System

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The best game about tapping to mine bitcoins while also traveling through time, Bitcoin Billionaire (Free), has just gotten a big update with a new era to mine bitcoins in. The Dungeons and Bitcoins update will put you through a vaguely-familiar fantasy setting, trying to mine bitcoins while dealing with dragons and dungeons. Not necessarily in that order, if you catch my drift. Various new decorations and unlockables are to be found, including a new Chocobro pet:



Perhaps this update sounds exciting, but you don’t want to play through the game to try and unlock the Dungeons & Bitcoins era. You no longer have to, as you can now time travel to different eras of the game for free. New missions have been added to each era, so there’s incentive to do some time-hopping. Oh, and there’s iMessage stickers for iOS 10 users, though both iOS and Android versions of Bitcoin Billionaire have the Dungeons & Bitcoins update, available now.

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