Silly New ‘Clash Royale’ Commercials Show Off Various Units

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Supercell has a history of producing silly commercials for its games – like the Rules of the Duel commercials from a month ago – so I’m not surprised they just released some silly new ones about various Clash Royale (Free) units. These videos are mostly sing-alongs and include all kinds of music styles performed in the silliest of ways. There’s a video about the Mini P.E.K.K.A, one for the Log (extremely silly one), and new Rules of the Duel videos that show off the Giant Skeleton, the (hated) Prince, and even enemies in general. All of them are very well made, as is always the case, and are definitely charming enough to get people who haven’t played the game interested in trying it out.

I’m not surprised we are getting another wave of commercials now because Supercell seems to be putting a lot of work and money into making sure the latest Clash Royale update helps the game regain its player base. And from the looks of it, it seems to be working since Clash Royale is now the top grossing game in the US App Store. So, apparently it’s work well done.






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