‘Clash Royale’ ‘Rules of the Duel’ Commercials Are Great Fun, and Devs Talk Next Update

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I know that some of you might not be that smitten with Clash Royale (Free) anymore for multiple reasons – too unfair, too challenging, etc. Despite how you feel about the gameplay, though, one thing pretty much everyone can agree on is that Supercell can really make fun commercials both for Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Supercell has posted 4 official TV commercials on Youtube today, and they are all quite funny. One even includes the official theme song, which is appropriately ridiculous. The commercials revolve around the Rules of the Duel and paint things like Trophies and the Goblin Hut in quite a humorous way. It must be good to have so much money that you can produce commercials like these ones.

In addition to these commercials, the developers have also been talking about the next update now that everyone on the Clash Royale team is back from vacation. Although there aren’t any details on the update yet, the developers have talked about wanting to improve tournaments a lot by reworking them “in a pretty big way," wanting to make Legendary Cards more obtainable, and, of course, adding new cards and making balance changes. There are also other ideas being floated around, but no details on those ideas yet. We’ll update you once the developers start giving us more details on what’s going to change. For now, enjoy the commercials.

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