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PAX 2016: As ‘Galak-Z: Variant Mobile’ Development Continues, They’ve Added “Mech Mode”

Back at E3, we got a nice long look at the upcoming Galak-Z, an anime-style space shooter that has a level of attention to detail in its graphics an animations that’s rarely seen in mobile. The game is slowly being improved as its developed, and at PAX they’ve got the newly added “mech mode" to show off.

(Sorry the glare sort of sucks in this video, the weird color changing spotlights over us made things… difficult.)

Instead of flying around in a spaceship like the E3 demo, in mech mode you’re fighting as a giant anime robot with a sword and shield. It’s really cool how it changes gameplay up, particularly as you use you’re tractor beam to toss stuff around, you know, like giant robots do.

[Editor’s Note: We walked through the whole PAX show floor and shot a ton of video yesterday, if you’ve got a mobile game (or a game that’s going to be ported to mobile eventually) and we haven’t shot video of your stuff yet. Please reach out by DM’ing @hodapp on Twitter to tell us where you’re at. Connectivity is a nightmare at PAX, but, we’ll be there. Also, if you’re not at the show but curious where all the PAX coverage is, those same connectivity issues are making getting videos online really difficult.]