PAX 2016: A Quick Look at ‘Endless Mine’, The Mobile Companion to ‘End of the Mine’

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If you haven’t heard of it, End of the Mine is another rad looking indie mining and resource management game available on Steam. More in line with what we’re interested in, however, is their mobile companion game Endless Mine (Free) which takes place inside the same game universe but is a simplified free to play game.

It’s pretty neat seeing these kind of crossover/spin-off sort of things, as it seems like a good idea that if you’ve got a game which might just be too complicated to work well on touch devices but you still want to have something for mobile gamers to play from your studio which loops back in to your “main" project… Well, that’s exactly what Endless Mine is. If you think the art looks cool but would prefer playing a fully fleshed out game instead of another free to play shooter, be sure to take a look at End of the Mine on Steam.

[Editor’s Note: We walked through the whole PAX show floor and shot a ton of video yesterday, if you’ve got a mobile game (or a game that’s going to be ported to mobile eventually) and we haven’t shot video of your stuff yet. Please reach out by DM’ing @hodapp on Twitter to tell us where you’re at. Connectivity is a nightmare at PAX, but, we’ll be there. Also, if you’re not at the show but curious where all the PAX coverage is, those same connectivity issues are making getting videos online really difficult.]

  • Endless Mine

    Take control of Jimbobway, the legendary miner of Kryon-89, as you fall head first down a mine that seems to have no end…
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