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E3 2016: Hands-On with Frantic Space Shooter ‘Galak-Z: Variant Mobile’

Galak-Z: Variant Mobile, the mobile-centric version of the popular space shooter Galak-Z: The Dimensional on PlayStation 4 and desktop, was announced nearly a year ago in August of 2015, and it finally looks like it’s just about ready for release. I absolutely fell in love with the trailers for the console version when it launched, and was excited that the game would be coming to mobile in some form, even if that meant it wasn’t quite up to par with its older siblings. After finally getting my hands on a demo of the mobile version here at E3 it certainly seems like it retains all the main aspects that make the bigger version so awesome. Here’s a quick hands-on video of Galak-Z: Variant Mobile.

Just a few days after its original anouncement last year, Carter was able to go hands-on with an extremely early version of the mobile build of Galak-Z during PAX Prime. He had some concerns about the controls maybe being too complicated for the touchscreen, but after just a few moments playing here at E3 I quickly warmed up to how the game controlled, and in fact simply flying around and shooting stuff was the highlight of the experience. A handy waypoint pointed me in the direction of goals I needed to complete, but I was having a blast just hunting down enemies and shooting them to pieces. That to me is a sign of a great game, so I’m even more excited for Galax-Z: Variant Mobile than I was previously and can’t wait for it to launch at some point before the end of the year.