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‘Disco Dave’ Soft Launches, Worldwide Release Soon

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If you missed out on the beta for Amused Sloth’s Disco Dave, good news: you can still give it a spin and provide feedback before the game’s worldwide release, as the game has soft launched in the UK, Netherlands, Romania, and Singapore. The game is set to launch worldwide soon, but if you’re in one of those countries or feel like registering an iTunes account in one of them, we have a guide for that. Singapore gets a lot of soft-launch games, that’s always a good country to have for soft-launch games.

The game has seen some improvements from the first builds the team at Amused Sloth sent out – the playfield seems to be a closer-in view, and the dimming of the tiles that you can’t land on works well to express what you need to be doing. This is a solid little time-waster. And if Disco Dave isn’t your thing, keep an eye out for the next game that they’re sure to announce soon, that they’ve started to recruit testers for from the Disco Dave tester pool. Check out the forum thread for more on Disco Dave.

Singapore iTunes Link: Disco Dave

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