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‘Disco Dave’ is a Groovy Bouncing High Score Chaser That You Can Beta Test

Amused Sloth, who made the solid Asgard Run (Free) circular endless runner, are about to deliver an interesting little voxel-graphics high-score chaser called Disco Dave. The gameplay will have you bouncing up in the air as a bell-bottoms-wearing, afro-sporting, dudde named Dave. You swipe to move while in the air, and you need to not touch the same color that you just bounced off of. This may seem unfair, but anyone who studied Studio 54 knows that touching the same color tile twice was like the one unforgiveable sin you could commit. That’s why the place shut down, they whittled down their numbers too much. As such, Disco Dave strives only for pure disco accuracy.

While the short video doesn’t feature music, the developers are promising groovy 70’s music, and plenty of disco characters to unlock. Check out the forum thread for more on this one, where you can also sign up to beta test.