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Unique 2011 Shoot ‘Em Up Tech Demo ‘Dark Dot’ Being Turned into a Full-Fledged Game

darkdotlogoWay back in November of 2011, we reviewed a very unique iPad game called Dark Dot. The premise was pretty simple: Dark Dot was a vertical shoot ’em up, but instead of having a ship to control like most games, you actually controlled a little group of creatures which you could shape and reshape by drawing right on the screen. It was a neat idea that worked beautifully, and in fact the only negative we had against Dark Dot at that time was that the game was entirely too short. There was a reason for that though. Dark Dot was developed as a demo prototype to showcase a research topic at the GAMBIT Game Lab (now called the SUTD Game Lab) in Singapore. It was more or less a school project, intentionally kept short and released completely for free. For science. Since that time, the folks who originally worked on Dark Dot have gone on to form Inzen Studio and are now ready to revisit their creation in a more full-fledged manor. Here is the most recent trailer depicting the new version of Dark Dot.

This fleshed-out version of Dark Dot will feature 80 different Darklets (the little creatures that make up your formations) to collect and upgrade, and part of the strategy will be which Darklets you use together as they can each feature unique abilities. The main campaign will feature 9 element-themed worlds each with their own boss fights, and altogether the game will contain more than 100 levels. Inzen is currently posting new screens and info about Dark Dot in our forums seeking feedback from the community, so be sure to check that out and expect the game to launch at some point in the next month or two.