‘Pokemon GO’ Continues European Launch, Out Now in Italy, Spain, and Portugal (Updated)

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Update #2: Now Italy, Spain, and Portugal can try to catch ’em all!

Update: The game is now out in the United Kingdom. Go get ’em, friends.

It’s been a grueling few days for anyone living in Europe. We have had to sit back and watch as our friends from America, Australia and New Zealand have been catching Pokemon left, right and center while Pokemon GO (Free) remains unavailable to play outside of these areas. Thankfully, the wait appears to be coming to an end, as Pokemon GO has begun its rollout (no pun intended) in Europe, and has this morning launched in Germany. Based on what Nintendo and Niantic have been suggesting, the game should appear in other European countries in a few days, however a slow spread of Pokemon is most likely as the developers make sure the servers don’t capitulate under the vast number of players as they did after the North American launch. Regardless, any German Pokemon trainers should spare no time in catching ’em all and claiming the gyms while the rest of us wait.

Despite this being the ‘official’ launch of Pokemon GO within European territories, it has by no means stopped people from playing the game through more subversive means. Whether it’s from an Android APK or through using an iTunes account from the US or New Zealand (for anyone still waiting, here is our soft launch guide on how to do so), Pokemon GO has already become a massive hit in European territories and has permeated massively into the mainstream media. Here’s hoping that the phenomenon doesn’t lead to Germany becoming divided again into regions of Team Mystic, Valor and Instinct – remember that we’re all on the same Pokemon loving team at the end of the day. For anyone who is just downloading Pokemon GO, check out our guide to finding PokeStops and Gyms, and share your hints, tips and views on our forums.

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