‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ Adds New Skins – Developers Also Teasing New Features

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While waiting for Minecraft Realms to come to Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99), we can now play around with a new skin pack to better dress up our anticipation. Biome Settlers Pack 2, added in the most recent update, adds Mooshroom and Nether characters, and some of them look pretty funny. The Mooshroom Glutton skin has Mooshrooms growing from its head, the Mooshroom Archer looks like he/she’s wearing a strawberry costume, while the Mooshroom Griefer loks like he belongs in The Simpsons. The Nether skins are much cooler, especially the Nether Banisher, which looks like a fire with legs and arms, and the Nether Extinguisher, which looks like, well, an extinguisher. The Pack costs $1.99 and is already available.

These skins weren’t the only MCPE-related news we got this week. We also got a glimpse of Jungle Temples, which should come in the next update, as well as an interesting tease by developer Tommaso Checchi. Checchi went on Twitter to give us a hint about a new feature: it has pixels, and it comes from Minecraft PC. Some think that this means we are getting Texture Packs. What do you think it is?

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