Blizzard is Offering a Free ‘Hearthstone’ Battletag Change – Time to Change that Awful Tag

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Embarrassed by that #GVGHero22 Hearthstone (Free) Battletag? Ashamed to tell your friends you’re #BladeFlurryRocks32? Or are you praying and wishing you could stop being #ForceofNatureFTW99? Well, now you finally can because Blizzard has decided to refresh every Hearthstone player’s free BattleTag update as part of the Overwatch launch (the change also applies to those who play other Blizzard games, of course). What this means is that even if you’ve already changed your Tag once, you can do so again for free. This is a very rare opportunity to shed that embarrassing Tag, so I’d suggest you take advantage of it and ensure your BattleTag actually suits you.

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If you don’t know how the BattleTag system works, normally Blizzard only allows one free name change, and most players have already used that one free change. With the game having changed quite a lot since it originally came out, many players feel that their BattleTag no longer represents them. By refreshing the free BattleTag update, Blizzard continues to show it’s paying attention to what its players want. If you do decide to change your BattleTag, go here for instructions on how to do it. Come on #ArcaneGolem01, you know that Tag needs to go.

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