Loveshack’s Stylish Noir-themed Puzzler ‘Framed’ is Now a Stylish Noir-themed Vinyl Record

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In case you haven’t noticed, taking hit video games and releasing their soundtracks on cleverly-designed vinyl records is all the rage right now. And I think it’s incredibly awesome, actually. I have my very own hexagon-shaped Super Hexagon record hanging on my wall right now, and Monument Valley, XCOM, and Transistor have all received the vinyl treatment as well. Each of these vinyl record soundtrack releases (and even some of the ones that have come out that we haven’t covered) are all unique in some way beyond just being a plain old record, but I think this latest release takes the cake. It’s for Loveshack Entertainment’s extremely stylish and extremely clever puzzler Framed ($3.99), and not only is the fantastic soundtrack included on the vinyl, but the vinyl and sleeve itself is actually an interactive and solvable “level" like those found in Framed. Check out this rad animated .gif showing just what I’m talking about.


How freaking cool is that? Also, while I personally know very little about vinyls and record players and all that, you may be happy to know that the scarlet-colored record itself is “pressed at the heavyweight audio standard of 180g." Of course if you’re one of those darn Millennials everyone is always complaining about and are not interested in physical media for your music, Adrian Moore’s fantastic jazz-meets-dance Framed soundtrack is also now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and more as you can see in the brief trailer below. Otherwise you can grab this slick vinyl release of the Framed soundtrack as well as dozens of other awesome video game records by heading over to the iam8bit online store.


    FRAMED is a multi-award winning noir-puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of an animated comic book to change the out…
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