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‘2-bit Cowboy Returns’ Brings More Game Boy-Style ‘Westernvania’ Action to iOS Next Month

Publisher Crescent Moon and developer Retro Phone Games (the new mobile label of Cascadia Games) have announced that 2-bit Cowboy Rides Again is set to release in a few weeks. A sequel to 2-bit Cowboy ($0.99), this one promises not to reinvent the wheel, but could prove to be fun. Like the original, you’ll be exploring large 2D platforming levels that are inspired by Metroidvania games, as you explore their various nooks and crannies and do some backtracking to complete them. All this is set in a Western comboy theme, with 2-bit greenscale color inspired by the original Game Boy.


Much like the original 2-bit Cowboy, this will be a paid game with controller support. So, if this all sounds exciting to you, hop on over to the forum thread and show some love to the game. I’m just disappointed that my suggestion to call the game 2-bit 2-Cowboy a la 2 Fast 2 Furious was appreciated but seemingly rejected. I will convince someone someday…