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‘Battleheart’ Developer Mika Mobile’s ‘Lost Frontier’ Gets First Trailer, Releasing June 2nd

Whenever Battleheart and Zombieville developer Mika Mobile makes a new game, it’s an event worth stopping everything for. This tiny team has continuously cranked out high-quality hits but they’re typically few and far between. Well, as was announced in late February, Mika has a new game in the works called Lost Frontier, and being a turn-based strategy game it’s definitely something different from what they’ve created before. Earlier this month Mika tweeted that Lost Frontier was just about finished and being shipped off to Apple for approval sometime this month, and today they again took to Twitter to announce that Lost Frontier be releasing on June 2nd and there’s now an official release trailer.

I’m even more excited for Lost Frontier after seeing it in motion. It definitely has that sort of approachable feel like the classic Advance Wars series or even its heavily-inspired-by iOS counterpart Warbits ($4.99) which launched last month and has been quite well-received. While Lost Frontier might look like a standard Old West themed game, it’s actually “fantasy-western" meaning there’s steampunk technology and even supernatural elements woven in. It sounds (and looks!) incredibly interesting, and I can’t wait for June 2nd when we can finally get our hands on this latest Mika Mobile release.