Huge ‘King Rabbit’ Update Hits Thursday, Includes New Levels, New Characters, and More

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Raresloth’s fantastic puzzle platformer King Rabbit (Free) is getting ready to be injected with a huge amount of new content this Thursday. As they’ve detailed in our forums, this update is dubbed the Fire Adventures Update and comes with 16 new campaign levels that’ll be free for all existing owners, plus an additional 64 new levels in the Fire Adventures DLC pack which will launch at a sale price of 99¢ for the first 72 hours. That’s like not even two cents per new level! In addition to new levels, there are now 8 characters to unlock and play as: Peach, Snobby, Albino, Demon, Jackalope, Leprechaun, Zombie, and Lovely. This update will also include 10 new unlockable customizations so you can trick out whichever character you prefer with some sweet flare. Both the new characters and the customizations are unlockable with diamonds, which by the way are now labeled on the level selection screens so you know which levels have them and which don’t. Completionists rejoice! Check out this brand new trailer for the Fire Adventures Update.

If by chance you have no idea what King Rabbit is, it’s the sequel to the beloved puzzle platformer Furdemption (Free) which was released last year. I wasn’t super crazy about the name change at first, but it’s grown on me, and of course it doesn’t hurt that the game itself is absolutely wonderful. It’s like a more refined version of Furdemption with all new levels and some new mechanics, which is crazy because Furdemption was already pretty darn refined. Anyway, more of King Rabbit is never a bad thing so look forward to the Fire Adventures Update to hit later this week on May 12th.

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