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Square Enix Announce ‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’, Sign up Now for Bonus Items

If you were looking for a new Final Fantasy game to get excited for, the just-announced Final Fantasy Brave Exvius might be just what the doctor ordered. You can sign up on the game’s site to pre-register to get “powerful items" to use when the game launch. The whole teaser site make it seems like the game is going to be ultra free to play, particularly with all the crystal unlocking hijinks, but at least the trailer looks cool:

It’s developed by Gumi, which is the same guys behind Brave Frontier (Free), and it seems reasonable to assume that this is going to be a Final Fantasy reskin of Brave Frontier, which might not be the worst thing. Either way, it seems like Squeenix is on a real bender of announcing very free to play stuff, hopefully at least one of them turns out to be good.