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Check Out the Newest Trailer for ‘Warcher Defenders’, an Upcoming Archery-Based Castle Defense Game

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Warcher Defenders is an upcoming game from developer Ogre Pixel that I’ve quietly been keeping my eye on in our forums since last November, and with the new trailer that was released over the weekend, I feel like it’s finally time to start blowing the whistle for the hype train for this one. Warcher Defenders is a castle defense type of game, sort of like Plants vs. Zombies ($0.99) but instead of lanes there are different platforms you can stand on. Your main form of attack is archery which means a big part of the game is timing your shots so the arc of the arrow’s flight will land on an enemy. Kind of like firing the bazooka in Worms. But Warcher Defenders is chock full of other crazy weapons and power-ups to use in addition to the arrows, not to mention the kick ass pixel art and music. Check out the trailer.

I get so many different vibes from this game it’s hard to list them all. I immediately think of Slayin ($0.99) in terms of the fast action, art and music, and the different weaponry. I’ve also mentioned Plants vs. Zombies, and of course who could forget that classic mobile fad known as Bowman ($0.99) which kicked off a whole slew of similar archery games for a while. Warcher Defenders definitely seems to be built around a solid main mechanic, with tons of layers of stuff to do built on top. Ogre Pixel says it should be coming very soon, in a few weeks in fact, so keep your eyes peeled for this one.

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