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First Trailer Released for ‘Pinball Breaker Forever’ from XperimentalZ, Coming this Month

Towards the end of February, Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword (Free) developer XperimentalZ Games announced their next mobile gaming project, a mashup of pinball and brick breaker appropriately called Pinball Breaker Forever. At that time they only had a few early screens of the game as they were looking for beta participants, but since then the game has progressed nicely and today XperimentalZ has sent along the first trailer for Pinball Breaker Forever, and it looks like great fun.

In addition to this trailer, the developer has also announced that Pinball Breaker Forever is ready to be sent off to Apple for approval and should be released at some point in May. As long as everything goes smoothly with the approval process we should be hearing a more specific release date once the game passes through. Both pinball and brick breaking are two of my favorite genres, and mashing them together makes all sorts of sense to me. I’m really looking forward to Pinball Breaker Forever launching sometime this month.