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XperimentalZ Announces ‘Pinball Breaker Forever’, and is Looking for Beta Testers

XperimentalZ Games is working on its next title after Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon (Free) and Pixel Boat Rush ($0.99), and they need readers’ help to beta test the game. Pinball Breaker Forever promises to be pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a brick breaker game where you launch the balls upward with pinball flippers, and the bricks keep descending from the ceiling. So, you have to keep breaking bricks in order to stay alive and get high scores. It’s kinda like Breakfinity (Free) but with pinball, and the developers mention that; Pinball Breaker Forever will have more features, such as side-tracks that offer different mini-games as you play. Sounds like a winning combination!

Pinball Breaker Forever

If this idea sounds cool, and you want to help XperimentalZ bring it to completion, then you can sign up in the forum thread to help test the game out ahead of release. The beta isn’t quite available yet, but it should be available to approved testers soon.