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Kiloo’s MOBA-Inspired PvP Battler ‘Spellbinders’ Gets New Cinematic Trailer Ahead of Launch Next Week

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We got our first glimpse at Kiloo and Funday Factory’s MOBA-inspired PvP battler Spellbinders during GDC last month, and then again when they released a gameplay trailer at the beginning of this month. Today another new trailer has hit, this time more of a humorous cinematic trailer that introduces some of the characters and units in the game. Thing along the lines of all those funny Clash of Clans commercials that would run all the time a while back. Check it out.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Spellbinders, you should definitely check out one of the previous two videos mentioned above for a closer look on how the actual gameplay works. Basically, it’s streamlined lane-based combat where you and your opponent will send units after each other’s bases in hopes of overpowering the other and taking control. It’s simplistic but still really strategic, and it’s designed super well for mobile play with drag-and-drop controls and short 2-4 minute sessions. Look for Spellbinders in the App Store next Thursday, April 28th.

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