According to Newzoo Report, Mobile Gaming Market to Become Bigger Than Console or PC Gaming in 2016, and Only Grow From There

2016 is the year where mobile gaming overtakes console and PC gaming, according to Newzoo. Between ‘personal screens’ (phones, watches) and tablets, they are estimated to represent 37% of the total gaming market, versus 29% for TV-based gaming (plus 2% for handheld systems), and 32% for PC gaming. And Newzoo is estimating that mobile gaming, specifically on phones, watches, and tablets, will take up 45% of the gaming market ($52.5 billion) in 2019. And heck, I think that if you’re just judging on form factor, that really underestimates what ‘mobile-powered operating systems’ devices are going to have as far as share of gaming money goes. I still believe in Apple TV and Android TV gaming as more cord-cutting happens, though admittedly, year 1 of the Apple TV isn’t shaking out well for that prediction.


A huge part of the reason for mobile’s growth is that China, and the Asia-Pacific region in general, is a massive gaming market. China is estimated to be worth $24.4 billion ($10 billion of which is mobile), with North America as a whole estimated at $25.4 billion. And think that if you say China has a billion people, your rounding error is the entire population of the United States. The report is worth reading, and it’s worth remembering: if you focus on western console/PC gaming, you’re ignoring a vast swath of the gaming world, where most of the growth is happening.