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MOBA-Like ‘Spellbinders’ Launches April 28th, and You Can Join the Beta in Our Forums

Kiloo and Funday Factory’s Spellbinders was one of the games that got our attention at GDC 2016 because it managed to put what seems like a pretty tactical experience into super short session lengths. Today, the developers announced that the game is coming out worldwide on April 28th, and it has kicked off beta testing in our forums. So, if you want to check out the game, make sure you jump over to the forum thread and sign up. As you can see from the trailer, the game is all about PvP and offers lane-based tactics combined with MOBA-like mechanics. You take control of a Titan, and you can spawn minions and cast spells.

The session times range from 2-4 minutes, which according to the developers strike a balance between having enough strategic depth while still being appropriate for the mobile environment. As you can see from the video, Spellbinders takes the whole lane tactics of MOBAs literally and makes the game all about controlling the checkpoints situated in the middle of each lane. I’m glad we’re seeing more tactical games that stick to short playtimes (like Clash Royale) because that allows busy people to still get their tactics fix. Spellbinders comes out April 28th worldwide, and you can join the beta here.