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Rain Death on Humanity in ‘ApeStorm: Full Bananas’ Starting April 28th

We got to see Snowhound and All 4 Games’ ApeStorm: Full Bananas back at GDC, and now we know when it releases. So if you’re going ape over the idea of getting vengeance on humanity for their sins by being a monkey piloting a zeppelin that gets points for destroying the creations of humanity, then good news: you’ll be able to do so starting on April 28th for the low, low cost of $0.99. If you need a refresher on the game, our GDC hands-on footage is here for you:

After that rumored huge “don’t release anything for two weeks" App Store release turned out to just be a giant Earth Day promo, giving more space to giant corporate apps instead of the valuable space that indies need to have any shot of getting noticed on the App Store, I’m on the monkeys’ side. Let’s blow up this stupid planet. Maybe the protagonist of the recently-released Mars Mountain (Free) had the right idea. Either get busy bombing or get Martian. I, for one, welcome our new zeppelin ape overlords.