Go to Mars and Die a Lot in the Now Available ‘Mars Mountain’

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BulkyPix and Tasty Pill’s Mars Mountain (Free), a pixel art and Martian take on Down the Mountain (Free), is out now. This is a ridiculously brutal high score chaser, as you try to descend down the eponymous mountain, dodging all sorts of Martian hazards. UFOs, fireball-shooting plants, spike traps…I hope our poor little rover is okay up there, Mars seems like a dangerous place…

The game is very similar to the aforementioned Down the Mountain, which itself has a clear Q-Bert influence, but the pixel art here is just different enough to justify it as a different game – it looks really good. You collect stars while you play that can unlock new characters, and can buy an ad removal IAP as well. If you need a good score chaser, or a masochistic experience to remind you that life is really difficult, then get your ass to Mars!

  • Mars Mountain

    You've crashed landed on Mars! Now it's up to you to join the space crew of Apollo 741 in search of cannisters to repair…
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