‘Pocket Mortys’ Spring Update Brings Quick Crafting, 10 New Mortys, a New Attack and More

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Pocket Mortys (Free) has the distinction of being the absolute best Rick and Morty-themed Pokemon clone available. Nobody else is even close. That’s because there IS nobody else, but that’s not the point. Pocket Mortys is the best in class in its own very specific category, and there’s simply no disputing that. It was great when it originally released in January, and it got even better with a big update in early February. Today, it gets even more better-er as another update adds 10 new Mortys to collect, a new Paralyze attack move, a new item to counter Paralyze, and best of all the new ability to craft items directly from the Recipe menu. All this is amusingly explained by Rick in the following trailer.

If you aren’t yet watching Rick and Morty, you are seriously missing out on one clever and funny show. I always thought it seemed obnoxious and annoying from the commercials, then I actually watched the first few episodes and fell in love with all that obnoxiousness and annoyingness. I highly suggest checking it out. If you’re already a fan of the show, then you have got to be playing Pocket Mortys, as it’s dripping with the best fan service. It’s also a pretty decent Pokemon clone, so if you’re into that style of game this is arguably the best of its kind available on mobile. Here’s to hoping there’s plenty more Pocket Mortys update goodness in the future.

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