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Check Out How ‘Combo Critters’ is Coming Along in New Teaser Video

Sky Chasers (Free) developer Lucky Kat is continuing to work away on their creature combining and collecting game Combo Critters, and have just posted a new teaser trailer. In it you can see the battle screens in action, a bit of the overworld map, and the combining method where you literally mash two creatures together via heavy metal objects and see what the results are. Check it out.

Combo Critters has been through several evolutions since we originally posted about it back in February. It started out as more of a match-3 battling game, but Lucky Kat soon learned that the real fun of the game was in the creating new creatures and using them in battle. They settled on a final design by the time we caught up to them at GDC last month and went hands-on with an early version of Combo Critters. The game is currently in alpha testing and fast approaching beta, so check out the forum thread for more and look for Combo Critters soon.