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‘Sky Chasers’ Developer Lucky Kat Unveils ‘Combo Critters’, a Monster Combining and Battling Game

Lucky Kat Studios just released their excellent little cave flyer Sky Chasers (Free) less than a month ago, but already they’ve started teasing their next project in our forums. In fact, they’ve been teasing it for a couple of weeks but it’s only just now come to my attention. The new game is called Combo Critters and involves combining various types of monsters to create new monster hybrids with a mix of attributes, then sending those monsters out to do battle for you. Originally the combining phase was separate from the battling phase, but Lucky Kat realized that mashing the two parts together made for a more tense and challenging game. Check out an early .gif of Combo Critters in action.


It’s worth looking in the game’s forum thread at some of the other early looks at the game even though the developers have changed things up a bit since. There’s really a staggering amount of monster combinations you can make even at this early stage. I think this will add a unique layer to Combo Critters over other matching games where you’re just trying to combine a set of same tiles, kind of like making the various types of spells in Super Glyph Quest ($3.99). There’s also a link in that forum thread to sign up to beta test the game, though I don’t know if Lucky Kat is still taking beta participants or not. At any rate, Combo Critters looks really cool so we’ll definitely be following its development closely.