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GDC 2016: Combine Monsters and Take Them Into Battle in ‘Combo Critters’ from Lucky Kat

I loved Lucky Kat’s Sky Chasers (Free), a cave flyer with the heart of a platformer that launched back in January, so I was excited to see them begin teasing a new project called Combo Critters just about a month ago. Combo Critters has gone through several iterations since Lucky Kat started the project. First it was a matching-style game where you made different types of monsters by matching and then brought them into battle. Then they combined those two mechanics onto one screen similar to a match-3 RPG, but they found that there was too much going on and it just wasn’t working. The version of Combo Critters I was shown at GDC gets rid of the matching board altogether, and focuses on battling and then capturing enemy monsters and combining them into new monsters outside of the actual playing portion.

I think Lucky Kat has settled on the right concept for Combo Critters, and the game is very fun from what I played here at GDC. Now that they’ve found the right fit for the game, all that’s left is to balance the heck out of it and create a ton of cool monsters to combine and take into battle. Look for Combo Critters to arrive sometime around the end of April or beginning of May.