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GDC 2016: ‘Gamma Bros.’ and ‘Wrath of Pegasus’ Heading to Mobile Courtesy of Pixeljam Games

Pixeljam has been one of my favorite developers since they busted on the mobile scene with one of my all-time favorite games Glorkian Warrior ($2.99) two years ago, and their most recent title Last Horizon ($2.99) has similarly crept into my collection of frequently played games. However, they’ve actually been developing games much longer than that and now their first title Gamma Bros. is finally making its way to mobile along with a huge version 1.5 update. Gamma Bros. is a wacky space shooter that has you playing as one of two brothers who have to survive their commute home from work by blasting enemies out of space. It has a ridiculous amount of charm and a surprising amount of depth, and I’m super excited to see it come to mobile.

In addition to Gamma Bros., Pixeljam was showing off Wrath of Pegasus, which I’d describe as a side-scrolling action game that utilizes the mechanics of the classic Joust. You’ll flap along on your magical pegasus and attack enemies from both the right and left by ramming into them with your lance. The game has killer pixel graphics and some really cool enemy designs. One other important thing I learned during this demo is never, ever accidentally refer to a pegasus as a unicorn.

Wrath of Pegasus is heading to Mac and PC first in Q3 of this year, with a mobile release to follow shortly after, sometime before the end of the year. As for Gamma Bros. you can look forward to that one on mobile sometime in June.