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GDC 2016: Bulkypix Shows ‘Please Don’t Touch Anything’ in VR, ‘Pocket Kingdom’, and ‘The Bad Wolf’

As always, Bulkypix has a ton of games coming out in the near future, and I was able to go hands-on with some of them here at GDC this week. First up was the virtual reality version of Please, Don’t Touch Anything ($4.99) which we enjoyed in our review and picked as our Game of the Week when it released last October. The game has been rebuilt entirely in 3D, and because it’s in virtual reality you really get transported into the little room with the control panel that you must manipulate and unlock without destroying the entire planet. Most games I try in VR seem neat but it never really feels like the VR aspect adds anything to the experience, but that’s not the case with Please, Don’t Touch Anything in VR. You really feel like you’re in the actual space and can look around the virtual room and manipulate objects like a notebook or a bulletin board in order to find clues on what you need to do next.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything in VR was definitely one of the highlights out of everything I saw this week. Next up Bulkypix was showing The Bad Wolf, which is most easily described as a fully 3D Angry Birds sort of game. You’ll launch bombs towards various structures trying to demolish parts of them in order to take out the bad guys who are placed around the structure, but you’ll need to be careful as there’s also good guys standing around who you don’t want to crush under a pile of debris.

The Bad Wolf will also have a VR version which I had a chance to play and found quite fun, and overall if you enjoy these castle crushing types of games this should be one to watch for. Finally, Bulkypix showed Pocket Kingdom, which surprisingly enough is not some sort of fantasy city-building game. In fact it’s a very clever block-pushing puzzle platformer with a unique style of pixel art and an interesting story tying everything together. Even some of the early levels I could see were quite complex, so this will likely be a good game to challenge your brain with as you work out how best to traverse each area and move on to the next.

All three of these games are coming this year, with Please, Don’t Touch Anything VR coming sometime in April, The Bad Wolf coming in Q4, and Pocket Kingdom set to arrive at some point during the summer. Keep your eye out for these and I’m sure many more from Bulkypix during the rest of 2016.