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GDC 2016: ‘Le Parker – Sous Chef Extraordinaire’ is a Gorgeous Platformer Starring a Sous Chef

I’ve said many times before how platformers are my favorite genre, I literally have dozens of them on my phone at any given time. So I was pretty excited to check out Le Parker – Sous Chef Extraordinaire at GDC this week, a gorgeous upcoming platformer from developer Play Pretend. Legndary sous chef Parker makes the lightest dessert in the world, and in fact it’s so light it literally floats in the air. An evil king swoops in and snatches the recipe, along with Parker’s true love the Princess who had it in her possession. I think you see where this story is going. Parker sets off on a journey across 32 challenging levels to rescue the princess and his recipe.

Controls are always a concern on touchscreen, but Le Parker controlled wonderfully in the brief time I tried it out. It’s also one of the most attractive games I’ve seen with a really pleasing color palette and tons of atmosphere. As a food nerd I also really dig the whole culinary theme. My gut tells me this is going to be one to watch for if you’re a platformer fan so look for Le Parker – Sous Chef Extraordinaire to hit iOS as a premium game this spring with an Android launch to follow sometime afterwards.