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‘Treasure Buster’ is a Rad-Looking New Game from the Developers of ‘Slayin’

PixelLicker, the developers of Slayin’ ($0.99), the mega-rad Flash game that later hit iOS, are back at work on a new game about to hit iOS, and it’s looking fantastic. Treasure Buster will have you launching your character around various rooms trying to hit enemies and collect treasure. It looks like there’s dungeons akin to the original Legend of Zelda that you can explore through, with treasure rooms and boss fights all to take on. It all sounds neat on paper, but check out the trailer:

One of the best things about Slayin’ was that the pixel art and chiptunes, while certainly used a lot in other games, are done in top form by Pixel Licker. The soundtrack sounds like a lost Sonic level theme, and the sound effects provide a great impact. Meanwhile, the art is detailed while still having that low-resolution chunkiness. This sort of thing is my jam, and I’m way excited about this. FDG is going to be publishing this one much like Slayin’, and there’s a forum thread to chat about the game in as well.