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Save People and Make ‘Predator’ References in Soft Launched ‘Choppa’

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Parta Games has just soft launched Choppa in a few countries including Canada. This game is kind of like what would happen if Retry (Free) was less about speedrunning and more about saving people from burning fires. You navigate hazardous courses – and the occasional bird that wants to launch itself at you like a certain famous avian-and-physics-based franchise – and rescue people, then trying to take them back to the raft at the beginning of the level, all with out hitting anything and blowing up!

Choppa‘s pacing is kind of odd just because it’s got a Flappy Bird style of scoring where getting a single point is really tough, but the rescues are a bit lengthy for a pick-up-and-play game. It’s certainly an interesting execution. You can earn coins to buy upgrades and new choppers as well. If you want to…sigh…get to the Choppa, you can download it from the Canadian App Store using our guide on how to download soft launch games.

Canadian iTunes Link: Choppa, Free

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