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Upcoming ‘Choppa’ is ‘Choplifter’ with Procedurally Generated Levels and Explosions

One of my favorite classic games is Dan Gorlin’s 1982 hit Choplifter, which has seen ports and spinoffs on pretty much every platform you can think of for decades following its release. There’s even Madgarden’s awesome take on the game Saucelifter! ($1.99) available on iOS, though it desperately needs widescreen support (ahem *hint*). Anyway, I always loved how your task in Choplifter was rescuing tiny people and delivering them to safety while avoiding the many hazards like tanks and fighter jets that were trying to blast you out of the sky. Finnish developer Parta Games has a game in the works simply called Choppa which channels the essence of rescuing people in Choplifter and blends it with procedurally generated levels filled with tricky obstacles. Check out the trailer.

Here’s the premise of Choppa, straight from Parta Games: “You are Rick Guiver, a reckless coast guard rescue helicopter pilot. A terrible oilrig catastrophe has happened in the coast! Against your superiors’ orders – and better judgement – you jump in your helicopter and fly to the danger zone! There’s no time to lose, save as many people as you can!" Choppa will include different types of helicopters to unlock with upgradeable attributes like armor, engines, and rescue gear. It’s currently still in the alpha stage but is fast approaching beta, so look for more on Choppa in the near future and check out the forum thread for some discussion.