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The Victorian-Gothic World of ‘Fallen London’ Awaits you on April 19th

You might remember that quite a few months back, we wrote about Failbetter Games deciding to bring its browser game Fallen London over to mobile. Well, today we finally got the news that we’ll be getting Fallen London‘s intriguing version of the supernatural to mobile on April 19th, and I’m quite excited about it. If you don’t know anything about Fallen London, imagine a story-telling game where you visit a dark yet funny Victorian-Gothic version of London and spin your own tales in a world containing over 12 million words. As you can see from the trailer, there’s a fully-fleshed out world waiting for you. The stories range from the unusual to the bizarre to the utterly amazing, and they all depend on the choices you make as you play the game. The writing is some of the best I’ve seen in gaming in a long time, and you’ll soon find yourself invested in your character and the world he/she inhabits.

You have various skills that you improve as you go along and depend on the choices you make in the various subplots you encounter. In a way, Fallen London is a literary RPG, and it was quite enjoyable when I played it on the browser, even though the interface wasn’t the prettiest and often got in the way of the story. Now that the game is coming to iOS, I have high hopes that the UI will finally match the incredible stories and that the addition of the music (which the browser version lacked) will help increase the immersion. The game will be F2P, like its browser cousin, and will be hitting iOS first and then, maybe, Android. If you want to check out the browser version, go here.