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Free to Play ‘NBA Live Mobile’ Soft Launches in Canada

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Hey Canadians and “Canadians," if you’re itchin’ to try out EA’s brand new free to play NBA Live, NBA Live Mobile just soft launched in Canada. It seems like EA has re-tuned the game to give it the Madden NFL Mobile (Free) treatment as it seems to be monetized in largely the same way and has tons of emphasis on daily live events. We’ve heard that those live events are huge hits in Madden, with tons of people playing the game during real football games, so it makes a ton of sense that NBA Live would see the same kind of action when it comes to actual basketball games.


Assuming you’re cool with the free to play shenanigans, NBA Live Mobile is a surprisingly full-featured basketball game with 5 on 5 games, full league support, and total team customization. Being a fully NBA licensed game, it’s obviously got all the teams and players and everything else. No corners were cut in that department.

It’s interesting to see how the series has evolved on mobile over the years. Anyone around in 2009 likely remembers what a big deal the original launch of NBA Live was, as it was a real basketball game that sold for the premium price of $9.99. Of course that version of the game is long gone, but on the up side, this free to play version will likely be supported infinitely better than the series’ previous releases on mobile.


First impressions are rollin in on our forums, which so far are an unsurprising mix of taking minor issue with free to play elements while enjoying playing the actual game itself. As far as when the game will launch worldwide, Madden soft launched on August 8th of 2014, then was released worldwide on the 26th. So, keep your eyes peeled for the game popping up a couple weeks from now if that launch is any indication on how this one will be handled..

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