Co-op and Mechazod are Back in this Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl

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Remember that crazy Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl from back in November? United Against Mechazod has been seen by many as the best Tavern Brawl to date, and so I’m not surprised that it’s made a comeback today, although in a slightly different form from last time. The original Mechazod Brawl had you playing either as a Priest or a Paladin, but this week’s Return of Mechazod has you playing either as a Druid or a Mage. Add to that cards from League of Explorers, and you have a pretty different Brawl. In case you didn’t play the original Co-op Brawl, Mechazod is a 2 Attack 95 Health Taunt Boss who will change sides on the board on each turn. Instead of trying to attack the person across from you, you’re both trying to find synergies that will help you take down Mechazod before he kills you.

Mechazod won’t just shift from side to side; he also has plenty of ways to try and ruin the day. He has the Prioritize spell, which deals Attack damage to the biggest minion, Bomb Salvo, which deals Attack damage to up to 3 random targets, Overclock, which lets him gain 2 Attack, Double Zap, which deals Attack damage to both players, and Kill the Lorewalker, which kills Lorewalker Cho. As you can tell, Mechazod’s damage will keep increasing so Double Zap is a great danger to you and your frenemy. Try to take him out as quickly as possible, but in order to do that, you’ll have to work together with the player across from you. Don’t just buff one minion because he’ll use prioritize to take it out. Instead, you should keep high-attack minions around to protect other minions (like ones with spell damage etc).

If you are to have any chance of winning, try and boost your opponent as often as possible, either by giving him or her cards or mana crystals (plenty of cards that let you do that in this Brawl) or by healing. Don’t rely on healing because unlike last time’s Brawl where you had a priest, healing options in this Brawl are limited to cards like Earthen Ring Farseer for the Mage and Healing Touch for the Druid. The Mage deck has plenty of Spell Damage cards but not nearly enough spells, so the Druid player should use Lorewalker Cho later in the game when he can play a few spells to go along with it before Mechazod takes Lorewalker out.

If you are the Mage player, use any healing you have to help your opponent because you have Animated Armor, which should make you harder to die. The Druid deck has Savage Roar, so the Mage player should try giving him as many minions as possible by using cards like Leroy Jenkins. The Brawl is live in NA, so go have some serious fun. Just remember, you only win if both of you survive, so take care of the player across from you.


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