Zen’s New ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Tables Get Full Trailers, Coming to iOS this Week

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We learned last week that Zen Studios was readying two brand new pinball tables focused on the smash hit film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The announcement was accompanied by a short teaser trailer that briefly showed one of the new tables in action, but as is usually the case with teasers, there just wasn’t much detail shown. With the new tables set to launch across all platforms this week, Zen has released two brand new trailers that give a much deeper look into each of the new Star Wars tables.

First up is the titular The Force Awakens table which sees you teaming up with Resistance members Rey, Finn, Poe, General Leia and Han Solo as you battle against the First Order on the desert planet of Jakku.

Next up is the Might of the First Order table, which we only caught a quick glimpse of by way of a screenshot in last week’s post. In this table, the roles are reversed as you play alongside the bad guys and help the First Order extend their evil grip across the galaxy. As mentioned last week, the Might of the First Order table is a double-decker and has a mini Kylo Ren playfield just below the main table’s surface. This table looks bad ass.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pack is heading to ALLTHEPLATFORMS this week, and in fact is already available on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Mac and Windows 10. Us iOS and Android folks are used to waiting a bit longer for these things, and the table pack is scheduled to hit our platforms tomorrow, though due to the digital nature of the App Stores it might even be earlier than that depending on your region. Either way, these tables can’t get installed on my iPhone fast enough, they look awesome. On iOS, expect the table pack to go live in both Zen Pinball (Free) and the Star Wars Pinball ($1.99) apps in the next day or so.

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