‘Guitar Hero Live’ Gets Update Solving Networking Issues

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Activision’s Guitar Hero Live (Free) launched last week, and while we were super excited to get a practically 1:1 port of the console version of the game on the same date it was released on Xbox One and PS4, things quickly went pear shaped as we couldn’t get the game to work. A bunch of emails back and forth later and we figured out that UPnP was the culprit, and disabling it on your router got the game working again. As expected, Activision was quick to push out an update once identifying the problem, so, if you were having similar issues with Guitar Hero Live, the just-released update fixes everything.

We already reviewed the game, and love it. Our only hesitations were those (fairly substantial) technical glitches, but with those out of the way, Guitar Hero Live comes with a strong purchase recommendation from us. Now that I’ve got it working, I’ve been having a ton of fun with the game, as it’s totally rad to play the full, “real" guitar hero using my iPhone.

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