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Game Insight’s ‘XCOM’-Like ‘X-Mercs’ Soft Launches in Canada

Game Insight has been working on a pretty cool little take on XCOM-style isometric turn-based strategy, called X-Mercs, for a while now. And the game is starting to get a lot closer to release, as the game has just hit soft launch in Canada, along with Latvia. While there have been beta testing opportunities before, and we got to see the game in action at GDC this past year, it looks like the game is getting really close to its eventual release now.

XMercs_Screenshots (32)

This does promise to be an inordinately deep game, with the base-building aspects to go along with the complex turn-based strategy gameplay to boot. Still, an XCOM game with a persistent, Clash of Clans (Free) element to it seems really fascinating. Eli had some impressions of the game when [he got to check it out recently], and as he remarks, Game Insight rarely shuts games down and just generally makes solid stuff, so if this interests you, keep an eye out for it either in its soft launch or when it finally goes global. There’s a forum thread if you decide to check it out and want to chat about the game.