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GDC 2015: ‘X-Mercs’ from Game Insight Combines ‘XCOM’ with ‘Clash of Clans’

Game Insight, prolific publisher of free-to-play games, is nearing the release on their take on XCOM with X-Mercs. You command a series of soldiers in a world full of irradiated creatures that you must fight off using smart tactics. And, of course, the occasional death laser from space. X-Mercs promises lengthy battles, upwards of 15 minutes, so don’t expect this to be necessarily dumbed-down just because the game is from a free-to-play publisher in Game Insight. We have a short video showing off some of the battles and what you can do outside of them, including the aforementioned laser death cannon:

X-Mercs will have a lengthy singleplayer campaign, but will also integrate in the requisite Clash of Clans (Free) elements, with the ability to build out a base and raid other players for glory. But in this case, you actually can fight in tactical battles to win the day. The game is entering into a beta test phase on our forums if you’re interested in giving it a run-through and providing feedback before the game’s public release in a few weeks.