‘WWE Immortals’ Gets Johnny Cage, and is ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Getting John Cena?

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In a game that features WWE wrestlers renderded as immortal warriors, duking it out with supernatural powers, would it be so crazy for Johnny Cage to fight a superpowered John Cena? Not really, says WWE Immortals (Free), as they’ve just added Johnny Cage as a playable character in the game. Check him out in action:

This is the best Mortal Kombat cameo since Raiden was in the underrated Unreal Championship 2 on Xbox, featuring the amazing Johnny Cage taunt:

What’s interesting is that there’s the possibility of a crossover back with Mortal Kombat X (Free), as some people are hypothesizing from this image on Twitter. It seems to show in silhouette on the right, a former decorated member of the US Marine Corps ready to step into the NetherRealm and put boots to asses:

But if you’re looking to get Johnny Cage for yourself, complete the Johnny Cage Challenge by October 29th to get him and some bonuses:

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