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‘Space Miner Wars’ Goes Global This Week

Long-time App Store classic Space Miner (Free) is getting a new modern life with Space Miner Wars, which we previewed at GDC, and saw soft laumched back in the summer. Now, those of you waiting on Venan’s take on raiding-strategy, but with space combat that you can control, will be able to check it out yourself this Thursday, October 8th, when the game launches worldwide. If you’re already on the soft launch, the version on the App Store right now is the 1.0 the game will presumably launch with. It’s pretty much a matter of flicking the switch to make it global at this point.

The core of the game is basically your Clash of Clans (Free) style of game, where you’re building a space station and upping its defenses to protect from raiders, but the raiding involves you flying around and attacking enemies and bases, Space Miner-style. It’s a really cool take on the saturated raiding-strategy genre, and one that does a lot of nifty things in re-implementing an App Store classic’s gameplay in a more modern package, at least from what I’ve seen and played. We’ll see how the whole formula works out over the long-term, starting on Thursday.