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‘Space Miner Wars’ Soft Launches, Combines ‘Space Miner’ with ‘Clash of Clans’

One of the cooler games from GDC 2015, Space Miner Wars from Venan Entertainment, is currently in soft launch in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. This follow-up to one of the best games from the earlier days of the App Store, Space Miner (Free), was one of our favorite games from GDC 2015, and now it’s possible to play it, at least in a bit of an early form. Who knows how long it’ll be before a global launch.

The mixture of both Space Miner gameplay and Clash of Clans (Free) raiding strategy came off as extremely promising; it’s cool to actually get to fly around and attack your enemies’ bases. And hey, you get to build a base in space, who doesn’t love that? I’m interested to see how fun it is in the long-term, and people with access to the game will be able to do so for themselves. Keep an eye out for this one, for sure.