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GDC 2015: ‘Space Miner Wars’ is ‘Space Miner’ Meets ‘Clash of Clans’ and I Can Dig That

There’s way too many Clash of Clans (Free) clones. When games try to really just do what that game is doing with a different skin and a different “screaming dude" icon, it’s just boring. Now, what if instead of just doing strategy stuff with troops, you instead flew a ship around like in Space Miner (Free)? In fact, what if it was a new Space Miner game? That’s what Space Miner Wars promises to deliver upon. Check out this hands-on video of the game:

Looks exciting. You’ll have missions where you explore space, collecting ore and resources for your base, improving its defenses and abilities. And then you can go off and blow up other people’s bases, controlling your ship just like in Space Miner. See, if people are going to make Clash of Clans style raiding games, they should do what this game is doing, at least on paper. Take some core game that’s proven fun, and add in the free-to-play layer in the metagame in a way that’s an interesting combination. I’m stoked for this one, and am looking forward to it.