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‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ is Coming to Mobile on October 15th

We finally have a release date for what I suspect will be Telltale’s biggest game ever, Minecraft: Story Mode. According to a news release by the company today, Episode 1: The Order of the Stone will release for Android and iOS on the 15th of October, 2 days after the worldwide premiere of the game. If you know nothing about the game (really, is there anyone who doesn’t?), Minecraft: Story Mode is Telltale’s take on the Minecraft universe and will try to insert a story into the famously-sandbox-y world of the huge hit. The game has a stellar voice cast too with the likes of Patton Oswalt, Catherine Taber, Ashley Johnson, Corey Feldman, and many more. While many had doubts about whether Telltale could pull this feat off (and some still do), the first trailer of the game put many of those doubts to bed.

Our own Carter checked the game out at PAX Prime 2015, and he liked what he saw. Apparently, the game looks fantastic and it actually looks like Minecraft, not like an imitation of Minecraft‘s visual style. Now the question is will Minecraft‘s hordes of fans flock to this game or will they see it as not Minecraft-y enough to bother? If many of them decide to give this game a shot, I think Minecraft: Story Mode will easily be Telltale’s biggest game ever. Stay tuned for more info soon.