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‘Chesh’ is Like Chess, but 37 Times More Absurd

Damian Sommer, whose last major release was The Yawhg, a cooperative storytelling game for desktop, is jumping on to mobile for his next major release: Chesh. The starting point with the game is obviously chess, but things get a bit wacky from there. Each game has a random set of pieces, each with different, randomized movement rules assigned to them. So, each game is about figuring out just what exactly your pieces do, and how to use them against your opponent. 533 pieces are available, designed by over 30 artists. By default is a 240-second timer for each player, and victory is achieved by taking out pieces on each player’s board.

Chesh is playable against AI, a local player, or online against a Game Center opponent, so you can get your Chesh on whenever and whererver you wish to do so. There’s all sorts of other tweaks and options you can configure to get the Chesh experience you want. The game definitely has a Michael Brough vibe to it, a la Helix ($2.99) or 868-HACK ($4.99), and he says “I like chesh" regarding the game. Keep an eye out for Chesh on iOS on October 8th, launching at $2.99 before going to a $4.99 regular price.